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    In 2000, Oishi was recognized as "Shanghai Famous Brand"; in 2001, Oishi was recognized as "Shanghai Famous Trademark".


    We value our relationship with our sales and marketing team, which links us to our customers and store partners. With over 2,739 ...

    Quality Assurance

    To ensure the safety and hygiene of our products, Liwayway factories are being managed using the standards of ISO and HACCP...


    China is a vast country with distinct regional differences in taste and cuisine.Our R&D team carefully studies these unique markets.


    In 2000, Oishi was recognized as "Shanghai Famous Brand".
    In 2001, Oishi was recognized as "Shanghai Famous Trademark". 

    Magnolia Gold Award. Established in 1997, the Magnolia Gold Award is one of the highest honors given to expatriates by the City of Shanghai. Recipients are business leaders, philanthropists, and scientists who have made significant contributions to society.

    In 1998, Carlos Chan was conferred this award.
    In 2005, Carlos Chan was also awarded Honorary Citizen of Shanghai.


    We value our relationship with our sales and marketing team, which links us to our customers and store partners. With over 2,739 marketing staff across China, Oishi can sustain a direct and personal connection with the market.

    Our products are sold in the capitals and smaller townships of China. From Shanghai to Xinjiang, we work hand in hand with our distributors, key account customers (including national and regional hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience store operators) and e-commerce platforms, bringing our products to their regions. Our distributors range from small family businesses to large enterprises.

    Our manufacturing presence and market coverage around China is bolstered by our sales offices in strategic locations such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang, Changchun, Jinan, Qingdao, Hefei, Xi’an, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guiyang and Guangzhou. Our network supports over 1,000 dealers nationwide.

    We started our network distribution in Shanghai and key provincial cities. Soon after, we were able to build strong partnerships with both national and regional retailers.

    Quality Assurance

    To ensure the safety and hygiene of our products, Liwayway factories are being managed using the standards of ISO and HACCP (Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Point). The majority of our factories are ISO certified, or are undergoing the process of certification. Continuous improvement is always our goal. Quality assurance of our products is guided by the model of a process-based quality management system. The principle of a Good Chef is expressed in each process.

    A Good Chef ensures:

    Clean equipment and good personal hygiene.
    Choice ingredients and appealing presentation.
    Good quality—a good chef is not wasteful.
    Cleanliness and safety in the working environment
    A Good Chef prepares food that smells good, looks good, and tastes good.
    Our goal is to make everyone a Good Chef—staff, machine operators, quality assurance staff, supervisors, and managers.


    China is a vast country with distinct regional differences in taste and cuisine. Our R&D team carefully studies these unique markets. We believe that knowledge and innovation add value to our products.

    China is also an international market. Many companies around the world from various industries have come to China. We recognize that to be able to build sustain a strong brand, we must continuously endeavor to maintain international standards.

    Oishi has been recognized for its quality, good value, packaging design, and product variety. The company has put a lot of resources in acquiring new snack food technology and developing new flavors.

    Each year, new Oishi products are introduced to the national China market. The Oishi product range now includes savory snacks, natural potato chips, juices and juice beverages, cocoa powder drink, cocoa covered pies, cereal bars, milk-based soft cadies, hard candies, marshmallows, ready-to-fry prawn chips, peanut-based products, wafers and biscuits.

    Hotline:021-59898888 Address:2277-2299 Huqingping Highway, Qingpu District, Shanghai 201702
    滬ICP備09016536號 | Liwayway (China) Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
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